Do it HARD. 2012.


My name is Autumn.
Yeah, like the season.

And at the end of 2011, I made a decision. I decided 2012 is the year of "Fuck it. Do it hard." This blog is dedicated to that. This blog is dedicated to those moments of having the chutzpa to say, "You know what? Fuck it." I mean, aren't we all supposed to die this year or something anyway? Just do that shit already.


    the united states: where the inalienable and universal right to life doesn’t include food, medicine, or shelter, and applies only to the unborn

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    "In a ‘post-race’ country like America where nothing and no one is racist, where people are more likely to believe in UFO’s than in institutional bias, which does back flips to obfuscate the operations of white hegemonic power and therefore ensure its continuance, anyone seeking to expose white supremacy or battle it is in for some serious uphill. You will be attacked. You will be censured, usually by your own community. People will say that you are obsessed with race and that even mentioning white people in the context of white supremacy is itself racist. These days the average person doesn’t even have to be taught not to bring up white supremacy. Here in our country, as in Mordor, everybody knows not to say the dark lord’s name."
    Junot Diaz, Facing Race 2012 (via artactivistnia)

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    Last Day of 2012


    I didn’t think this day would come so fast.
    2012 is over.

    And now I don’t know what to do about this tumblr.
    I don’t think I’ll update anymore, but it’ll stay up.
    And I’ll probably have another one for 2013 — I just don’t know what it’ll center around or anything.

    Either way, it’s the end of 2012 and it’s been a crazy year. Went to England, I live in Texas now, I’m writing stuff, and I still smokey smoke. 

    But now that I look back at 2012, I realize I haven’t exactly …capitalized… on things that have presented themselves to me.

    So, I’m thinking “Carpe Fucking Diem, 2013”? or “Carpe that fucking Diem, 2013”?
    Yeah, I dunno. 

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    when white people try to tell me what the n-word means


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    She Hate Me (2004) - Kerry Washington & Dania Ramirez



    oh my lord.

    I need to find this ASAP. 

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    but. really

    how do white people expect anyone to take them seriously when they do things like this

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ms groetke knows what’s up, as always


    ms groetke knows what’s up, as always

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